Pas2Dox 0.50 RC1

Pas2Dox is a pre-processor addon for the Doxygen documentation generator.
Pas2Dox is a pre-processor addon for the Doxygen documentation generator.

Pascal To Doxygen allows the production of advanced documentation from Delphi/Kylix sourcecode.


Compiling from source on Linux

Unpack the archive

# tar xvzf pas2dox-xx.tar.gz

Build the source for a case insensitive scanner, with the following command:

# make

This will perform the follow commands

# flex -i -opas2dox.cpp pas2dox.l
# g++ pas2dox.cpp -o pas2dox

If you need to remove the pas2dox.cpp and pas2dox files, type

# make clean

When performing an upgrade of source code, I suggest you do the following

# make clean && make

Installing the binaries on Linux

Copy the pas2dox binary to /usr/local/bin/pas2dox

# make install

If you need to install to another place, use

# make install INSTALL_DIR="/your/location/here"

What's New in This Release:

· Added include file for tolower to fix build on linux
· handle default values and multi line comments on enums.
· Updated for typedef
· Don't process end of block comment } in a single comment line
· read / write for properties are now handled correctly. see bug 6
· Additional Doxygen comments on array declaration.
· Assigning a value to a var when declaring it
· Updated copyright year and version
· Swapped typedef
· added -s option to suppress generation of sa comments on property.
· fixed issue with function comments in function definition.
· Additional end check.

last updated on:
February 7th, 2006, 22:11 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Darren Bowles
ROOT \ Documentation
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