LPI 102 study guide 102.0.0

Linux Holdings Linux study guide LPI 102.
Linux Holdings Linux study guide LPI 102.

Linux Holdings is a linux and Open Source training company, training Linux Administration as the core focus.

These are not the only Open Source courses we offer, but the most popular.

Training info

Linux Holdings offer a full spectrum of Linux and open source courses. These start from basic low-level courses to the very advanced administration courses.

All our administration courses are based on the international LPI certification. Our trainers are the best available in South Africa. They are not just excellent Linux administrators with many years experience; they are also the best trainers in the industry. Good administrators are not necessarily good trainers; we give you the best of both sides.

Our entry-level and intermediate courses include the ICDL for OpenOffice.org. We have a full marketing and development department constantly developing and updating courses. Linux Holdings invests huge amounts of time and resources in development, testing and research to give the best training available today.

Our quality department ensures that all students are trained to the highest standard possible. It is also the quality department's duty to ensure that students start with the right course so the learning gradient is not to high or to low. Speak to us so that we can suggest the proper courses for your IT experience.

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LPI 102 study guide
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