HOW-TO: Kicker on KDE4 0.2

HOW-TO: Kicker on KDE4 is a tutorial about how to obtain a proper and functional kicker.
HOW-TO: Kicker on KDE4
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HOW-TO: Kicker on KDE4 is a tutorial about how to obtain a proper and functional kicker.

(1) KDE3 kicker must be installed parallel to KDE4.

(2) Edit the plasma configuration file manually to remove the plasma panel:
nano ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc
In a default configuration, find all blocks which start with "[Containments][2]". But check, if "[Containments][2]" contains the line "plugin=panel" - else you should delete the respective containment and child plasmoids.

(3) Apply the configuration:

killall plasma && plasma && kicker

(4) KDE4 does not recognize kicker in terms of session management. You have to add kicker to the Autostart apps. Be careful - if you create a corrupt configuration file in Autostart, KDE4 will NOT start at all (crashes)!

Add the file ~/.kde4/Autostart/kicker.desktop with content:

[Desktop Entry]

The URL may be different. /opt/kde3 is the KDE3 path on openSuse. You may also change all application launchers on Kicker from KDE3 to their KDE4 counterparts by changing the URL from /opt/kde3/bin/appname to /usr/bin/appname (on openSuse)

I must admit that I did not expect Kicker to work so well together with KDE4 as a session, window and desktop manager. But, just try it by yourself!

Known issues:

Transparency and 'show desktop background' in minipager do not work.
Desktop menu should only work for KDE3 apps.
You should also change text colors in taskbar and clock (can be found in the respective sttings dialogs)

last updated on:
March 10th, 2008, 10:41 GMT
developed by:
Sebastian Wolff
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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HOW-TO: Kicker on KDE4
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