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An extensible wiki processor, using parser grammar




Wiki, in general is a simple markup language to generate html pages that can be rendered in a browser. This is quick and neat way of documentation.

EazyText is a text markup tool that is primarily developed for Zeta Project Collaboration suite.

The Browser and its HTML are built for documentation. Wiki makes it accessible. As a newbie, get started with EazyText in 5 minutes. As a pro, never be limited by a wiki engine. Our philosophy of wiki,

 "Make simple things easy and difficult things possible"

Some interesting features in EazyText are,

- Text content can be emphasized, italicized, underlined, subscripted, superscripted.
- Short cut for hyper links, several variants
- Short cut for referring to images source
- Short cut for e-email links
- Heading
- Horizontal line
- Ordered list
- Unordered list
- Block quoted text
- Small table
- Big table
- Definition list
- Style short cuts
- New line break
- Interspersing HTML text
- Templated tags for common html-tag usage patterns
- Pluggable macros
- Pluggable wiki-extensions
Last updated on December 3rd, 2011

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