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Document Once, Include Anywhere
When writing a note, manual, report, etc., do you find it difficult to choose the typesetting format? That is, to choose between plain(email-like) text, Wiki, Word/OpenOffice, LaTeX, HTML, reStructuredText, Sphinx, XML, etc. Would it be convenient to start with some very simple text-like format that easily converts to the formats listed above, and at some later stage eventually go with a particular format?

Do you find it problematic that you have the same information scattered around in different documents in different typesetting formats? Would it be a good idea to write things once, in one place, and include it anywhere?

If any of these questions are of interest, you should read the Doconce tutorial or the more comprehensive description. These two documents are also found in several other formats (HTML, PDF, LaTeX, reStructuredText, Sphinx, plain text), see the doc/demos/tutorial and doc/demos/manual directories of the source code.

last updated on:
October 1st, 2011, 20:57 GMT
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BSD License 
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Hans Petter Langtangen, Johannes Ring,...
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