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DocPerl provides a web-based interface to Perl's Plain Old Documentation (POD).
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Ivan Wills
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DocPerl provides a web-based interface to Perl's Plain Old Documentation (POD). DocPerl project is a graphical easy to use interface to POD, automatically listing all installed modules on the local host, and any other nominated directories containing Perl files.

Here are some key features of "DocPerl":

Easily navigable list of all modules installed as well as other nominated directories containing perl files
Limited capability of searching for modules by name
Displays POD as HTML for each listed file (eg
Displays the API for each listed file (eg
The functions are hyperlinked to their definition line number in the code page so that a function can be viewed in context
The functions are further subdivided into class methods, object methods and general subroutines (by convention/best guess)
Modules are listed by whether they are useed or required or inherited
Other packages defined in the file are also listed
A graphical view of the module inheritance is also displayed
Displays the Code for each listed file with some syntax highlighting (eg
Provides access to description of the API files defined and display code in limited syntax highlighting.
Pages can be cached for increased performance and the cache is auto-updated when original file changes

What's New in This Release:

Issues with IE6 and Konqueror were fixed, as well as some potential Javascript problems.
Work was also done on improving the documentation.

Last updated on May 23rd, 2007

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