w9wm 0.4.2

w9wm is an improved version of 9wm, the excellent 8-1/2 window manager emulation.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.5/5 17
Benjamin Drieu
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Window Managers
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w9wm is an improved version of 9wm, the excellent 8-1/2 window manager emulation. It supports virtual screens as well as keybindings.

9wm is really nice for all day use provided that you do not have a large number of windows on your screen. But in some occasions it is not the case (ie. you have to telnet to 4-5 remote machines), which is painful with 9wm.

This need for virtual screens motivated this about 50 lines hack. w9wm brings support for virtual screens (provided you use the second button, aka middle button to select one virtual screen) as well as for key bindings (to switch from one window to another).


Assuming your system is correctly configured, you should only need to run xmkmf to generate the Makefile, and then run make or make install. make install.man should copy the manpage (9wm.man) to the appropriate directory.

If the make fails, complaining that the function _XShapeQueryExtension does not exist, try removing the "-DSHAPE" from the Imakefile, and run xmkmf and make again.

If you don't have imake, or it is misconfigured, or you would prefer
not to use it, try copying the file "Makefile.no-imake" to "Makefile",
then edit the definitions in this Makefile to suit your system. This may require defining suitable compilation flags for your system (normally imake does this for you). For instance, on AIX you must include "-DBSD_INCLUDES" in CFLAGS.

Last updated on December 12th, 2007

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