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MIWM is a minimalist window manager with virtual workspaces.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 16
Ben Wise
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Window Managers
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miwm is a minimalist window manager with virtual workspaces. miwm is written in C++, for the X window system.

miwm is the "Microscopic Window Manager". A major goal is to keep it as clean as possible, while making daily use easy. This means getting a small, versatile set of core window management functions. Judge our success for yourself! miwm is written in C++, and incorporating lessons from LWM, AWM, WMX, BlackBox, and UDE. Example code was lifted from AWM, LWM and WMX, but also rather extensively re-written. By standing on the shoulders of giants ...

Here are some key features of "miwm":

· Extremely simple and Zen appearance and function.
· Virtual desktops.
· Optional tiling of windows.
· Efficient. Small footprint in system resources, fast.
· Reliable.


cd to the miwm directory, until you see the Makefile and do the following.

make TAGS depend
make miwm
make install (as root)

This will build the miwm executable and put a copy in /usr/local/bin.

What's New in This Release:

· This update adds persistant application settings, and miwm.config and miwm.usermenu files in ~/.miwm so that users can alter the settings easily at run time w/o recompilation.
· Examples of both are now included, to ease setup.
· Code cleanup throughout, as well as installation of an miwm_framework so that settings from the configuration files and command line arguments are easily accessed in a uniform way throughout the program.

Last updated on January 2nd, 2008

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