dwm-gtx 5.2.1

dynamic window manager, Gottox' branch!

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MIT/X Consortium License 
Enno Boland
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dwm-gtx - dwm-gtx
dwm-gtx is Gottox' branch of dynamic window manager. It adds automatic pointer movement, an additional stacking layout called deck and an improved tile layout.

Furthermore it optionally supports real Xinerama.

dwm (dynamic window manager) is an extremely fast, small, and dynamic window manager for X.

Developer comments

As dwm is args window manager, dwm-gtx is mine. I like the idea of having everything I need and nothing I don't. So please keep in mind, that dwm-gtx will never be as feature rich as awesome. It's still dwm. I add only feature which either are added in vanilla dwm (because I keep dwm-gtx synchronous to dwm tip.) or I need them.

I'm often asked to add yet another feature. And I'm often disagree about the need of this particular feature. Keep 2 things in mind before asking:

 1. to merge changes from vanilla-dwm to dwm-gtx every structural change results in unneeded work.
 2. There are a few other forks of dwm out there which may support $your_feature.


Edit config.mk to match your local setup (dwm is installed into the /usr/local namespace by default).

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install dwm (if necessary as root):

    make clean install

If you are going to use the default bluegray color scheme it is highly recommended to also install the bluegray files shipped in the dextra package.

Running dwm

Add the following line to your .xinitrc to start dwm using startx:

    exec dwm

In order to connect dwm to a specific display, make sure that the DISPLAY environment variable is set correctly, e.g.:

    DISPLAY=foo.bar:1 exec dwm

(This will start dwm on display :1 of the host foo.bar.)

In order to display status info in the bar, you can do something like this in your .xinitrc:

    while true
        echo `date` `uptime | sed 's/.*,//'`
        sleep 1
    done | dwm


The configuration of dwm is done by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source code.

Last updated on September 25th, 2008


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