awm 0.0.7

awm is a dynamic window manager for X.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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awm is a dynamic window manager for X. It's small, functional and fast. It is based on dwm and it is just ~1800 lines of code.

Keep in mind that awm is just my own wm, it isn't a fork (there isn't a single line of code I don't use). If you want something, just hack the code and then send it to me!

Here are some key features of "awm":

· It is based on the workspace concept, but the space is two dimensional
· Each time you move to a new, unvisited workspace, a terminal window is automatically launched, emulating TTYs' behavior
· You can delete an entire workspace, killing all the window launched in it. You can even delete an entire dimension, deleting all the residing workspaces.
· You can insert a new X (Y) between two consecutive Xs (Ys). A useful application is to create a new temporary workspace, that is going to be destroyed soon.
· The windows can be ordered on the fly with the tiling algorithm of dwm, and then restored. This is useful to get a quick glimpse of the current workspace.
· When you drag a window, the window doesn't move, only the cursor does. This is faster. To resize the window, you just Alt+RightClick on any point of the screen, and the window will immediately resize to cover the space between the mouse cursor and the nearest window border. If you click inside the window you'll cover the negative space!
· Proc-like interface: /tmp/proc_awm

Last updated on October 16th, 2007

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