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alloywm is the metallic window manager.




As its name implies, alloywm is a quite exquisite, aesthetic little window manager for X11. The premise of this window manager is not to be over-bloated like better known window managers such as KDE, and to keep the interface out of a user's way. Also, alloywm maintains to be small, fast, and have a really small memory footprint.

I first decided to adopt this window manager as a testbed for programming in C for X11, because I was mainly a non-graphical programmer for a long time. It is not very configurable, thusly you would have to edit the sourcecode to add any functionality, to bend it to your likings.

The window manager feels like a Macintosh GUI interface, except that you cannot click inside the window to give focus (that will change, soon.) A new window is drawn wherever the mouse happens to be. So, in other words, if I run an rxvt, and the mouse is in the centre, then the top-left hand corner of the window is in the centre.
Last updated on August 12th, 2005

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