Xynth 0.8.90

Xynth is an embedded and portable interface between display hardware.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
3.2/5 20
Alper Akcan
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Window Managers
Xynth project is an portable and embedded interface between display hardware (the mouse, keyboard, and video displays) and the desktop environment that works on many hardware, including embedded devices.

Here are some key features of "Xynth":

· Network Layer
· TCP/IP (allows client/server connection on different hosts)
· UDS (Unix Domain Sockets)
· pipe() based socket api implementation. usefull for embedded devices. (There is no dependency for TCP/IP stack, if clients and server linked in singled app.)
· Memory based pipe(), read(), send(), poll() implementation. xynth is able to work even there is no file descriptor on system.
· Mutex and condition variables implementation using semaphores.
· Direct Memory Access allows clients to draw directly on graphics buffer.
· Overlapped client window - server management
· Buffer streaming (allows client/server connection on different hosts)
· 8-way Move, Resize
· Runtime Optional theme plugin support. (Xfce themes) .xpm to .so tool.
· Built-in image renderer xpm, png, gif
· Basic widget library. (SWindow, SFrame, SButton, SLayout)
· Antialiased fonts with Freetype Library
· Anti-alias enabled device independent basic low-level graphics library
· rgbcolor, colorrgb, setpixel, getpixel, hline , vline, fillbox, putbox, putboxmask, getbox, putboxpart, putboxpartmask, copybox, scalebox, getsurface, setsurfacevirtual, setsurface
· Anti-alias enabled overlay drawing ability
· rgbcolor_o, colorrgb_o, setpixel_o, getpixel_o, hline_o, vline_o, fillbox_o, putbox_o, putboxmask_o, getbox_o, putboxpart_o, putboxpartmask_o, copybox_o, getsurface_o, setsurfacevirtual_o, setsurface_o
· Anti Flicker Double Buffer Rendering
· Threads Safe
· Built-in window manager

What's New in This Release:

· Release v0.8.90 includes many bug fixes, improvements, and the new widget set.
· For detailed ChangeLog you may want to look ChangeLog file in release.
· And also, this is a pre-release for 0.9.00 which will hopefully include new build system, new ports 'especially gtk+-2.10.x', improved widget set, much more documentation.

Last updated on October 22nd, 2007

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