XIGE 0.1.2 Beta

XIGE is a window manager for X Window System, developed on linux with GPL license.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Xilicius Graphical Environment
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Window Managers
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XIGE project is a window manager belonging to a new generation of programs with different form, style, color and functionality, where you has the necessary, a beauty environment and the best thing, computing resources are saved for their slight feature.

The possibility also opens up of forgetting the common, the routine and the past, to see now, something new.

XIGE is a window manager for X Window System, developed on linux with GPL license, but with the capacity to be executed in other specification platforms POSIX like Solaris, BSD, and other UNIX systems.

It doesn't depend on extra libraries and it has been implemented in "C" from scratch. Their philosophy tries to stop the adaptation a little that at the moment has the software toward the new technologies, which have generated heavy programs, high resources consumers and an incredible capacity of discarding hardware!

The graphic environment has been implemented with new functionalities trying to avoid the monotony of the traditional window managers, optimizing resources, shortcuts functions and methodologies applied in the existent programs. All these characteristics make part of the Xilicius philosophy, which I take very interesting ideas of the operation of the "lwm" (and ACME: To User Interface for Programmers) but it interprets them in a way but more wide.

Here are some key features of "XIGE":

Themes support

· The general appearance can be configured by means of the proportionate options, setting the border windows, fonts, textures, colors, pointers, background screen (XIGESetRoot), elements size and other visual aspects. The Themes are files that define the previous aspects in a simple way, easy to understand, and providing thousands of different appearances.

Movement window configuration

· Movement with the content of applications or without this (opaque movement).

Orientation mouse (left - right)
Complete keyboard support

· All the functions are available to be executed from the keyboard, related with menus and windows by means of configurable shortcuts.
Current functions
· Minimize, Maximize and close applications
· Dsiplay and handling menus
· Change Application to the "Alt+Tab" style
· Option of choosing the shortcuts keys
· Option of disabling partially or all functions

Personal profile

· In the multiuser environments it's possible to load preferences kept in system or personal directory.

Excellent and beautiful Graphics

· Exist the classic solid textures and the possibility of having great beautiful variety available gradients for almost all the components.

Quick configuration with the "xigeconfig" tool

· xigeconfig is a used tool to set the main features environment. Now, xigeconfig graphic version it's able to have the enough reach for users that wish to model the quick options easily.

Complete Mouse configuration with "xigeconfig"

· XIGE offers total custom support for the pointer.

Shade Windows (Function only from keyboard shortcut)

· Shade Windows is a new feature demanded by "blackb..." users, It's Here !

Last updated on September 21st, 2006

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