TAL/wm 0.0.2

TAL/wm is a tiling application launcher/window manager for X11.

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MIT/X Consortium License 
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Nolan Liebert
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Window Managers
TAL/wm is a tiling application launcher/window manager for X11. Currently TAL/wm is based loosely on the dynamic window manager (dwm) code. The goal is to be even more minimal and equally as customizable.

TAL/wm is not an attempt to be Awesome, it is an attempt to be practical and efficient.

It seems logical to believe that most users have four most commonly used applications: a terminal, an editor, a file manager, and a web browser. TAL/wm provides default keybindings for these applications, as well as the ability to simply change the launched applications by editing 'config.h'.

While floating windows have been incorporated into TAL/wm, the default layout is tiling. The user may toggle floating layouts and windows as he/she requires. By providing both options, TAL/wm allows for maximum productivity for many users.


TAL/wm is not configured in the traditional sense of a startup file or script. Customization is done through editing the source code itself. While certainly not for beginners, if a user can compile TAL/wm, they can configure TAL/wm to meet his/her own needs. All configuration occurs in 'config.h', which means all default settings can be discovered in 'config.h' as well.

Following are simple steps to customization:

1.) Open the file named 'config.h' from the TAL/wm source directory in your favorite editor.
2.) Carefully review the comments on the code and decide on what customizations you want, if any.
3.) Perform the customizations and save the 'config.h' file.
4.) Rerun the INSTALL operation.

What's New in This Release:

Major rewriting of code, manual code beautification, more optimized keybindings, rewritten documentation.

Last updated on July 17th, 2008

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