PLWM 2.6a

PLWM is a Python package, containing classes suitable for implementing a window manager.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Mike Meyer
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Window Managers
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PLWM is a Python package, containing classes suitable for implementing a window manager. PLWM is also a window manager, using the PLWM package.

What's New in This Release:

This is mostly a bug fix release, to get the latest set of fixes out the door.

Distutils is now used to build and install plwm.

We now require Python 2.0 or later. Python 1.5 is no longer supported.

Mike Meyer ( is now administering PLWM.

New mixin:

This is a new mixin for controlling the audio mixer. Currently, it only supports "rexima", but it should be easy to extend to "aumix" etc.

Menu screen mixin is now configurable.

The menu screen mixin has been extended to use menu_font, menu_foreground, menu_background, menu_bordercolor, and menu_borderwidth when it draws menus on the screen. The default is 9x15Bold, black, white, black and 3. menu_seconds is the number of seconds the menu will be onscreen before it vanishes of it's own accord. The default value is 0, which means to stay until a selection is made or the menu is cancelled.

Message screen mixin is now configurable.

The message screen mixin can now be configured with message_font, message_foreground, message_background, message_bordercolor and message_borderwidth. message_seconds controls how long the message is displayed for, with a default value of 5 seconds.

Screen.system now allows i/o redirection.

The Screen.system method now takes an extra argument, redirect. This argument should either be a single integer between 0 and 2 inclusive, or a tuple of such integers. These fd's are redirected to pipes, and the resulting pipes are returned as a three-tuple. Supplying redirect implies that the command will be run in the background.

Last updated on August 12th, 2005

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