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KDEmod is a modular and tweaked version of the K Desktop Environment that has been optimized for ArchLinux.
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KDEmod is a modular and tweaked version of the K Desktop Environment that has been optimized for ArchLinux. The project contains additional patches for eyecandy and functionality and a slightly enhanced QT3 installation, and is available in Arch´s standard .pkg.tar.gz package format for i686 and x86_64.

Started in june 2006, the KDEmod desktop was brought to life because of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) nature of Arch Linux, which means that Arch´s KDE is built from the standard unmodified KDE distribution, thus providing the whole KDE Desktop without any modifications or additions.

This is generally not a bad thing, but many users do not need a full-fledged KDE Desktop installed with apps they maybe never use. Arch is a small distribution and the developers are on more important missions to improve the best distribution on the planet (tm), so KDEmod was born to provide a fully modular installation of KDE with nearly all the features and bling some bigger distributions provide with KDE - and partly even more bleeding-edge features.

KDEmod provides the sophistication, stability and feature-richness of KDE but its also a work in progress, so please report any glitches you may encounter. Nearly all KDE apps and modules are available as splitted versions in the repositories, and we will continue to improve them and provide a refined and optimized KDE desktop for ArchLinux. It will be enhanced and supported until the end of the KDE3 life-cycle. When KDE4 is released, we will see if its necessary to continue this distribution...

Main features:

  • Two installation modes: lightweight or full-blown
  • Modular packages. Install only the stuff you need...
  • Various security patches & fixes from SVN that did not made it into the actual KDE release
  • SuSE's Kickoff menu (patched for Arch Linux, optional package)
  • Various patches for kdebase/kdelibs to improve the work with Kickoff and its beagle integration
  • Dunkelsterns improved Icon Execute Feedback effect
  • The Kopete Reloading Kit
  • Kopete support for uvc webcams
  • Logout Dialog Theme Support (ported to latest KDE)
  • Software Drop Shadows for KWin (ported to latest KDE)
  • Selis improved KDE Xinerama support
  • Session manager improvements for Beryl/Compiz
  • An improved session manager (lock/logout) kicker applet
  • Superkaramba does not depend on XMMS anymore
  • A patch for Kmix to toggle muting with the middle mouse button
  • Improved Offline Webbrowsing for Konqueror
  • Less verbal kdesu dialogs
  • Less verbal kwallet dialogs
  • Merged stop/reload and viewmode buttons for konqueror to save some screenspace
  • Improved sorting of systray icons
  • A smooth logout fade effect
  • The pertty/KIP patchset, enabling the following features:
  • A translucent selection rectangle, e.g. rubberband
  • Rounded icon titles when icons are selected
  • An improved konqueror sidebar, which saves its settings per profile
  • The ability to open a new tab in konqueror that opens the default home page instead of a blank page
  • Various other small patches...
  • And at least... A customized theme based on the domino widget style

last updated on:
January 15th, 2009, 22:10 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Jan Mette and Johannes Schriewer
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Window Managers
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What's New in This Release:
  • we are now providing an Arch-based liveCD called "Chakra", with the first early alpha already released
  • our domain got changed to chakra-project.org
  • KDE 4.2 RC packages are available, check this page: http://chakra-project.org/news/
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