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A tiling (no overlapping windows) window manager that also has PWM-style tabbed frames which can contain multiple windows.





Ion is a tiling (no overlapping windows) window manager which also has PWM-style tabbed frames which can contain multiple client windows.

These features help to keep windows organized and to switch quickly between them. Ion was designed primarily as an efficient and unobtrusive window manager for users who prefer the keyboard.

Ion is not perfect and certainly not for everyone, but neither is any user interface. To ultimately solve usability problems to the extent possible with current technologies, applications should be written independent of their user interfaces and the UIs should be built according to the user's preferences based on a high-level semantic description of commands provided by the application.

Ion is, however, improving all the time and if you take the time to get used to it, you should hardly ever have to touch the mouse again to move between windows. Just remember that not all programs will play nicely with Ion because of presumptions about the window management model and even incompliance to the ICCCM. Terminal programs should work better than ever before, at least.
Last updated on January 10th, 2009

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