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GEX is just another desktop environment.




GEX is just another desktop environment. Definitely nothing special. But it has one feature that no other desktop environment could provide: GEX is mine and get's all the features that I need and nothing else.

Another reason for this little desktop environment is my endeavor to create an Mbus profile for desktop environments and applications. It should provide at least the following features:

a dynamic configuration mechanism for applications
a remote control mechanism
a event mechanism for service daemons


The configuration of GEX's first generation is completly stored in one single INI like file. This file may be located at several different places in your home directory:


Each of the core components of the GEX desktop environment has its own configuration group in this file. The available keys, their possible values and a description can be found in the follow sections.

What's New in This Release:

Clients will be restarted by gex-session only if they are terminated abnormally.
gex-panel and gxwinsel were adapted to libwnck 2.2.
gex-panel and gxmail had a widget adapted to the panel layout.
Last updated on November 11th, 2007

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