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CTWM Themes System is a set of CTWM configuration files and shell scripts.




CTWM Themes System in short CTS is a set of CTWM configuration files and shell scripts that adds basic themes-like capabilities to your ctwm window manager.

CTS caracteristics:

themes are split into 'look' themes and 'feel' themes. 'Look' themes change colors and visual aspect of the window manager, and 'feel' themes change the way you move or place windows, open the menus, etc.
automatically generated menus allows you to switch look or feel themes. Your choice is saved for your future X sessions.
you can change the background image used with the current look theme using a menu generated from the images stored in the 'Backgrounds' directory.
adding a new theme is as easy as unpacking it in the Themes-Look or Themes-Feel directory and restarting ctwm.

How does it work ?

The CTS package provides a .ctwm directory you must place in your home directory.
This directory provides a ctwmrc file that will include other configuration files from the 'include' directory and from the themes directories. Using the m4 preprocessor, the configuration files will read the 'Themes-Look' and 'Themes-Feel' directories and the 'Backgrounds' directory and generate menus allowing you to switch themes and background images.

When you choose a theme in the menus, CTWM calls the "settheme" script that simply change the $HOME/.ctwm/Themes-*/Current link to the new selected theme directory.

The wallpapers are switched using the "setbg" script that change the root window's wallpaper, and place a link to the image in the directory of the current look theme.
The script supports multiple screens, so if you have multiple screens, using the menu will change the wallpaper of the current screen.

What's New in This Release:

This version provides many minor enhancements, file name changes, and better themes, but above all, themes are now split into two kinds: "look themes" that change the visual aspects of the window manager, and "feel themes" that change the key bindings, the way windows are raised, etc.
That way, you can change the colors of the windows while keeping your preferred focus and window raise methods.
Last updated on April 17th, 2006
CTWM Themes SystemCTWM Themes SystemCTWM Themes System

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