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xsheep project is an X toy, clone of Windows Esheep.




xsheep project is an X toy, clone of Windows Esheep.

It shows a sheep that runs about your screen falling off windows and looking cute. This version was put together as an experiment, and the author is looking for someone else to take it over.

The graphics are the original Esheep graphics used with permission.

What's New in This Release:

implemented with shape extension and override_redirect, hopefully this means that no window that anyone is likely to use will attempt to put a bloody title bar on top of the sheep !, if one does you'll just have to
a) fall back to the horrible non-shape implementation or
b) use some windowmanager config options to ignore the sheep.
handle window move and change events (pause at the first configure event, and only wake up on the last one, and then start again), it appears to work ok
restack windows so that sheep window is one above the target window it is falling to, i need to modify this slightly for edge clinging
walk not run option.
pissing on a window.
sleep and wake up
Last updated on November 28th, 2006

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