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wmymail is a fabulous mail-checking dock app.
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wmymail is a fabulous mail-checking dock app.

When there are new messages, it displays one or more brightly colored envelopes. Otherwise, it displays a dull, gray envelope.

mbox (local mail file) (default)

By default, it will check your mailbox file about once per second to see if it has changed. If it has changed, wmymail reads it to see how many messages are inside, and how many have been read, and displays the current counts.

* It looks at the filename specified in the $MAIL environment variable.

* You can tell it to look in a different file by using the -m option, e.g. "wmymail -m /var/foo/mail/username"

* You can make it check less frequently with the -i option, which changes the interval between mailbox checks: "wmymail -i 60" will make it check once per minute.


If you are using IMAP for your email, you will need to use the -F option. This option makes wmymail run fetchmail to determine how many messages you have.

Since running fetchmail takes considerably longer than checking a local file, wmymail checks once per minute when -F is used. Furthermore, the -i option now specifies the number of minutes: "wmymail -F -i 5" would make it check every five minutes.

The command that wmymail runs is: "fetchmail -c" Therefore, you will need to have fetchmail set up and working prior to using wmymail.

last updated on:
October 11th, 2006, 16:44 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Carlos Torres
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