usb-mount 0.96

usb-mount provides desktop integration for systems using the hotplug scripts and the KDE desktop.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Michael Hamilton
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
usb-mount project provides desktop integration for systems using the hotplug scripts and the KDE desktop. It automatically mounts and unmounts USB storage partitions and modifies the user's desktop, via the addition of icons representing USB storage device partitions.

The user can interact with the storage device by opening the desktop icons to reveal the folders corresponding to each partition. Each partition's mount status can be altered by using icon control options.

These scripts work for me on Fedora Core 2 and Redhat 9. Several people have reported that they can be made to function on many other Linux distributions with minor configuration changes and some editing.

To get them to work on your system you may need knowledge of Linux and shell scripting. If the scripts don't work out of the box, you should look for errors in /var/log/messages (or where ever your system log is kept). If you are not comfortable with reading logs and editing scripts - perhaps these scripts aren't for you.

I no longer have any Linux systems with 2.4 kernels, I think the scripts will still work. All recent modifications have only been tested on Fedora Core 4 running kernel 2.6.

Many distributions are now adequately handling usb - so I haven't spent much time improving usb-mount. If anyone wants to fork a new version, feel free. The new kernel, dbus, etc should make it quite easy to create a simpler script from scratch.

What's New in This Release:

More fixes for newer kernels/distibutions that take longer to setup usb devices;
Handle flash card readers that have more than one device (thanks to Edward);
Ignore non usb-storage devices (thanks to Wolfgang Klein).

Last updated on January 26th, 2006

#mount usb #unmount usb #USB storage #usb-mount #mount #unmount #usb

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