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transset-df is a patched version of xorg's transset.




transset-df is a patched version of xorg's transset. I wanted to integrate transset into my windowmanager and to be able to set and unset transparency by just pressing a key.

To make that possible I added several different 'select methods'. The first one was 'select by pointing' which lets the user run transset directly on the window curently under the cursor without having to click. Later select by name and id was added after inspiration from other transset patches.

In the future I guess it's meant for the windowmanagers to handle transparency. Then we will hopefully see these functions and many other now imposible function. This will however require you to wait untill this is implemented in your favorite wm.

This patch is a way of "scratching where it itches", by creating a usefull integration with every windowmanager without changing any wm-code. The "unix way" of doing it :)

Here are some key features of "transset df":

· select window by clicking (as transset)
· select window by pointing
· select by window name or id
· force toggle
· increase or decrease opacity


First of all, for transparency to work in X you have to have a X-server with XComposite extension working. transset-df is not a program that creates transparency, it's a program that sets properties for windowses. These properties must then be supported by the underlaying X-server. Im not going to go through how to get xcomposite working, but if you can already set transparency with xorg's transset then you can also do it with transset-df.

type: tar zxf transset-df-X.tar.gz where X is the versionnumber
type: cd transset-df-X/
type: make
type: make install (you have to be root-user here)

What's New in This Release:

· A new option "--actual" to set transparency to the currently focused window.
Last updated on September 24th, 2007

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