podLoadr 1.0

podLoader allows you to load content from the Web or other desktop files onto your iPod.

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Shiraz Kanga
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podLoader allows you to load content from the Web or other desktop files onto your iPod. Later, for example while traveling, you can check out news from any RSS feed, the weather, or the contents of any file from your desktop.

This application uses the "Notes" feature on third-generation or later touch wheel iPods.


In Brief:

Run podLoadr by double-clicking on podloadr.jar after installing the JRE (or run java -jar podloadr.jar from a command prompt)
Drag & drop files or links onto the "Files & Links" tab. Browsing or manually typing the file name also works.
Check some news feeds, add weather zip codes and create a notes on their respective tabs.
Click the run button (ensure that the iPod is connected and enabled in disk mode).

In Detail:

In order to load a web page or news feed simply do the following:
Ensure that your iPod is enabled for disk use. To do this in iTunes:
Select your iPod under Devices in the Source list.
Click the Summary tab.
In the Options section of the Summary pane, click the "Enable disk use" checkbox.
Note that if the "Manually manage songs and playlists" option is enabled, "Enable disk use" is always enabled or turned on.
Connect your iPod to your computer as you usually do.
Exit iTunes - just to be safe.
Ensure that you have a recent version of the Java runtime (either JDK or JRE) from Sun.
Run podLoadr by double clicking on podLoadr.jar. Alternatively you can open a command prompt and type java -jar podLoadr.jar
Note that podLoadr.jar itself can be stored on the ipod and run directly from there. Keep podLoadr.jar and podLoadr.ini together.
Populate the various tabs in podLoadr.
Add your custom items to the "Files & Links" tab. This can be done in any of the following ways.
Drag a file from your desktop or Explorer onto the list
Drag a link from Internet Explorer or Firefox onto the list (by grabbing the icon in the address box)
Type the full name of a file in the Name box and click on add
Click on "Add/Browse" and navigate to the file you need and add it to the list.
Check off the news feeds that you want from the categorized list.
Enter the ZIP codes of the weather you want separated by commas.
Double check the ipod tab to ensure that the drive letter is correct. Or if you have multiple iPods then you can change this setting. (If thats too confusing feel free to send the other iPod my way :-)

To view the note, disconnect your iPod, scroll the menu to Extras, and select Notes. Choose the name the file you created and press the Center button to display the content of the file. You can.t edit the file using iPod, but you can delete it or update it whenever your iPod is connected to your computer.

podLoader uses the "Notes" feature of the iPod to support downloading and offline viewing of online content. Such presentations can be used, for example, as directed lessons or self-paced electronic guided tours. Notes is available on iPod models beginning with third-generation iPod (dock connector) models with the touch wheel.

Last updated on May 1st, 2007

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