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OpenSync plugin to sync with KDE PIM





opensync-plugin-kdepim is an OpenSync 0.22 plugin to sync with KDE PIM (pre-akonadi, so < 4.5).

Using this and the OpenSync framework (see also: kitchensync you can sync your KDE PIM data with mobile devices and other applications.

This is ONLY compatible with OpenSync 0.22; not OpenSync 0.3x or above.
This code is not guaranteed bug-free; always have a backup of your data.

This plugin can sync contacts with KAddressBook, events and todos with KOrganizer, and notes with KNotes (over DBus). If you have akonadi configured this plugin will refuse to sync (you can override this in the config).

Compilation is standard cmake mkdir build; cd build; cmake ..; make; make install

Usage is add plugin to an OpenSync sync group; sync.

Note syncing depends on you having a KDE installation where bko#251914 is fixed. Use the patch there to recompile knotes. If you are using openSUSE, fixed knotes rpms are available on the obs in home:MasterPatricko:sync
If you can't get that to work, or if you don't need note syncing, in the patches directory of the source there is a patch that can turn off note syncing and allow it to compile.
Last updated on September 22nd, 2010

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