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A gtk run dialog





drun is a GTK run dialog box with tab completion and a simple ui. Supports common features as well as history, files, directories, urls, and spelling correction.


Type in a command, and press return to run it. Tab, up, and down can be used to cycle through possible completions for that command. Delete can be used to remove a completion from the list and history. Escape dismisses the completions or exits. Return runs a command, and Shift+Return runs a command in a terminal.

If you press tab on an empty entry, then you will get a list of recently run commands in the order that you last ran them. Otherwise, it will attempt to complete an executable, directory, or file. The completions will then be ordered by how many times they were previously run. A name beginning with an equals symbol will be expanded based on where it is located in the system path. If no completions are found, then your input will be manipulated based on spell checking to find any possible completions.

The programs used to run files, directories, and urls can be edited in ~/.drunrc:

http-handler = firefox
ssh-handler = xterm -e ssh
file-handler = gnome-open
directory-handler = nautilus
terminal-handler = xterm -e

Normally, drun will run commands in the current directory it was launched in. If a single directory is passed in as a parameter, then it will run the command in that directory. If a non-directory or multiple files are passed in as a parameter, then it will run the command in the directory of the first parameter, and append the list of files to the end of the command.

Custom run actions can be added to thunar's right-click menu by configuring them from thunar's edit menu.

You can add the following commands to be able to run commands in a directory or on selections of files from a thunar window. Similar actions are possible from other file managers such as nautilus.

Set command to: drun %N

Run in Directory:
Set command to: drun
Last updated on May 7th, 2009

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