aLinux - KBFX buttons & backgrounds 0.4

KBFX buttons & backgrounds with source

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What's new in aLinux - KBFX buttons & backgrounds 0.4:

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Jay Klepacs
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
1 aLinux - KBFX buttons & backgrounds Screenshot:
aLinux - KBFX buttons & backgrounds
KBFX buttons & backgrounds for the aLinux operating system.

Developer comments

I hope you're running KBFX already, if not, install the KBFX rpm - or re-build for your distribution's prefix to $KDE - next, right-click Kicker taskbar, add KBFX applet - turn off applet handles etc ... using the configure panel as shown below.

Changing the K-Start Menu Image: - e.g. Start/Launch Image Button.
1. Locate and click your [Personal Files [Home] desktop icon.
Might be on your K-Menu if not the desktop. It's Konqueror File Manager.

2. Locate the KBFX K-Start Image: They are all in /usr/share/icons/; then
drag one over top of the KBFX K-Start position. Now turn off applet handles
like this below example.

Changing the Kicker Bar Image.
1. Right click 'Kicker' panel - e.g botton bar, usualy your taskbar in WindowsXX.
2. Chose from there - [Configure Panel]
3. Click Tab [Appearance] See section [Panel Background] - The rest is straight
forward but use 26 pixels or larger for kicker or the buttons will look off.

1. Notes for developers. You can change the defaults to /opt/kde3; or /usr/someplace;
by modifying this spec file for another location.
2. Using ImageMagick: convert xp.png xp.xpm
3. KBFX background images are in: /opt/kde/share/apps/kicker/wallpapers/;
4. KBFX K-Start/Launch images are in: /usr/share/icons/;

Last updated on March 7th, 2010


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