Xfce 4 Notes Plugin 1.4.1

Xfce 4 Notes Plugin provides you a simple text editor in a little window.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Mike Massonnet
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
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Xfce 4 Notes PluginXfce 4 Notes PluginXfce 4 Notes Plugin
Xfce 4 Notes Plugin provides you a simple text editor in a little window. It is light and doesn’t require lots of memory therefore it is ideal to use for notes. Notes are especially useful for temporary stuff. The plugin supports multiple notes through a notebook.

The aspect of the window is customizable: always on top, stick mode, show in the task switcher, and show at startup. The notes are automatically saved (on timeout) after they have been changed.

Keyboard shortcuts:

· Hide: Press Escape.
· Automatic-save: With timeout after a note has been changed/deleted.
· Rename: Double click on a tab, or press F2.
· Select a note: Mouse scroll over the tabs, or press Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down.
· Move the notes: Drag the title bar.
· Shade/Unshade: Mouse scroll over the title bar.

Hint: use the common key-bindings and mouse manipulations from the window manager (Xfwm4) to:
· Resize the notes: mouse: Alt+Mouse3, keyboard: Shift+Alt+Arrows.
· Move the notes: mouse: Alt+Mouse1, keyboard: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Arrows.

Hint2: use the xfce4-popup-notes command as a key shortcut to show/hide the notes.


· Xfce
· xfce4-panel (>= 4.3.90)

What's New in This Release:

· Makefile.am, configure.in.in, icons: Initial import of icons stol^Wtaken from stickynotes applet from the GNOME project.
· panel-plugin/notes.c, panel-plugin/xfce4-notes-plugin.desktop.in.in: Use the xfce4-notes-plugin icon.

Last updated on March 7th, 2007

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