WMQuake 1.1

WMQuake can run Quake 1 in a dockapp window.
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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WMQuake can run Quake 1 in a dockapp window.

It works pretty well. If you plan on doing netplay with this, you can't start a new game or join a game unless you first bring up the console and type: "disconnect". Then you can start a new multiplayer game or join an existing one. This is a bug that was present in the original source, and I left it untouched. There is no mouse or CD audio support, because they were not implemented at the time, and because I find both of these features extremely useless and not worth my time implementing.

Usage is simple. All standard quake1 command line options apply except winsize, which was removed. Feature set is close to that of earlier versions of quake 1 for linux which were handled by crack.com.

This is a complete software-only version, all traces of assembly code were removed. We are dealing with such small windows, it was really unnecessary. Internally, the engine renders into 320x320 buffer, which is then scaled down to fit inside dockapp. It isn't extremely pretty but it isn't so bad either. I could have done rendering into a smaller buffer to reduce CPU load, but then the statusbar would have to be disabled. And seems like the bare minimum size to render into has to be > 128 because of some calculation errors or something, with smaller window sizes the game would segfault very often.

Just what you always wanted. Hardcore quake fanatics can now enjoy their favorite game in a 64x64 window! Now works with FreeBSD, too!


1. check Makefile, but there is probably nothing there to see.
2. make
3. copy wmquake to where you got your id1/ dir and stuff. Make sure that dir is all lowercase and the pakfiles inside are lowercase, too etc you know the standard routine.
4. ./wmquake &

Last updated on October 13th, 2006

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