Ubuntu One Encrypt/Decrypt 1

Ubuntu One Service Upload Encrypt/Decrypt

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Adam Buchanan
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
Ubuntu One Encrypt/Decrypt is a Nautilus script to encrypt or decrypt the Ubuntu One upload process.

Developer comments

Nothing against Canonical or the Ubuntu One service, but I think it's poor security practice to upload data to any cloud storage without first encrypting it. I like the Ubuntu One service, which is why I wrote this script.

The concept is basic. At start up, it will ask you if you want to encrypt or decrypt data. Based on your selection, one of the following options will happen:

Encryption Option:

1. The script will ask for the password you want to use to do the encryption, which will be based on triple DES.
2. It will require you to confirm the password.
3. Then it will encrypt it and copy the encrypted data to your Ubuntu One directory. If you've selected a directory then the script will gzip it before encrypting it, but if it\'s a regular file it won't.

Decryption Option:
1. The script will make sure you\'re not decrypting data from within the Ubuntu One folder, as that would cause the decrypted data to be immediately uploaded to the Ubuntu One servers.
2. Then it will prompt for the password and decrypt the data as expected. If the decrypted data contains a gzip archive, then it will automatically untar it as well.

This is my first release. Please provide any feedback you may have. I've been using this for just a couple days now and it has been useful to me.

Last updated on May 26th, 2011


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