The Launcher 2.4.1

The Launcher project is a minimalistic application launcher.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Alexander Barinov
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The LauncherThe LauncherThe Launcher
The Launcher project is a minimalistic application launcher.

The Launcher is an application launcher focused on touchscreen and keyboard usage. It tries do display as many relevant applications on the screen as possible.

The Launcher is written in Python. The only frontend supplied uses GTK+. Installing pygtk should be sufficient on most distributions for The Launcher to run.


The Launcher has three views, that can be switched by selector in top left corner:

· Recently used applications view shows the applications launched recently. Most used applications are shown first.
· All applications view shows all the applications you have, sorted alphabetically.
· Recently installed applications view shows latest applications you have installed in the order of their installation.


The Launcher is fully usable without a mouse, thanks to a number of hotkeys:

· Alt-[1..3] switch between the views
· Any alphanumeric key starts search in 'Recently used applications' and 'All applications' modes
· Enter finishes search
· Alt-C clears the search field
· Alt-F changes the filter in 'Recently installed application' view
· Escape closes The Launcher


The Launcher should be completely usable when unconfigured. However, some settings can be tweaked from configuration file. The file, automatically created in '~/.thelauncher/gtk-ui' has the following options:

· Fullscreen: Setting to '1' will make The Launcher run in fullscreen mode.
IconSize: Size of application icons. Default is '-1', which uses default GTK+ icon size.
· RecentlyInstalled: Maximum number of recently installed applications to show.
· Columns: The number of columns to show. The value of '-1' leaves this decision to GTK+.

You can install custom applications shortcuts in '~/.thelauncher/local'. Any application in this folder will override system-wide application with the same name.


· GTK+ version 2.10.x
· Pygtk

What's New in This Release:

· Usable application categories support. The list of application categories is available in the header of 'Sections' group and shows installed applications categories.
· Search interface update to make it less intrusive. Search panel is now hidden on startup and appears when you press Control-F or start typing. Search panel can be closed by close button, pressing Control-F or Escape.
· Improved 'Frequently used' applications sort algorithm. Half-life method is now used instead of counting application runs.
· Application list is now loaded from subfolders. Added to support applications installed in wine and KDE applications.
· The Launcher is no longer shown in taskbar and pager when launched from GNOME panel.
· New configuration file option, 'Mode'. Can be 'fullscreen' (fullscreen window), 'menu' (menu-like window), and 'standard' (normal window, default behavior).
· All configuration file options can be specified in command line using '--option[=value]' notation. If value is not provided, '1' will be used.
· Further startup speed improvements.

Last updated on April 13th, 2008

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