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A simple, free, clean, Open Source login manager for X.Org on Linux operating systems

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SLiM is an open source, simple, easy to configure, easy to install and freely distributed graphical login manager for for the X.Org (X Window System) display server. It is originally derived from the and designed only for GNU/Linux operating systems.

The project’s main goal is to be light, simple, fully configurable, themeable, and suitable for any Linux kernel-based operating system, where the need for remote login functionality is not a requirement.

Features at a glance

Key features include support for XFT and PNG Alpha transparency, support for anti-aliased fonts, configurable runtime options, double (XDM-like) or single (GDM-like) input control, the ability to load a predefined user at startup, as well as configurable startup and shutdown messages.

It’s skinnable

Another interesting feature is the ability to use all sorts of skins (themes) that can be easily designed by members of the open source community. By default, SLiM’s configuration file is located in /usr/etc/slim.conf and the options are self-explanatory. The themes are located in /usr/share/slim/themes.

Getting started with SLiM

Installing the SLiM login manager and replacing your default display manager is not a complex task. Of course, you will have to begin by installing SLiM, using either pre-built binary packages from the official software repositories of your distribution or by using the downloadable source package.

After installation, you will have to stop your current display manager and remove it from ever starting at boot. Then, add SLiM as the default login screen for your GNU/Linux operating system, making it start at boot, while making sure that you first configure it properly.

It’s independent of an operating system/desktop environment

The most interesting feature of the SLiM login manager is that it is independent of a GNU/Linux operating system or a desktop environment/window manager. It is also independent of a computer platform, supported on 32 and 64-bit distributions.

SLiM was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 23rd, 2015
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