Root Actions Servicemenu 2.8.2

An Open Source replacement and alternate for the default edit-as-root servicemenu for KDE

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What's new in Root Actions Servicemenu 2.8.2:

  • Using dbus-run-session, which is a better solution than dbus-launch.
  • dbus-run-session is only available in dbus 1.8.x >, so the fix will only work with newer dbus releases, but the menu will still work with older versions (but the bug is obviously not fixed with that version).
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
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Root Actions ServicemenuRoot Actions ServicemenuRoot Actions Servicemenu
Root Actions Servicemenu is a freely distributed and open source service menu for the KDE desktop environment, a script implemented in the right-click context menu and designed as a replacement for the default Edit-as-Root functionality.

What functions are included?

Currently, the service includes several useful functions, but the most important one is Open Terminal Here, which allows users to open a new Terminal application with root (system administrator) privileges in the current folder.

Among other functions, we can mention Open in File Manager, which allows users to open the current folder in the default file manager, as well as Open as Text, a function that allows users to open the highlighted file in the default text editor.

In addition, Root Actions Servicemenu includes the Open With, Copy, Move/Rename, Compress, Delete, Ownership to Root, Ownership to Active User, Ownership to, and Change Permissions functions.

How do I use Root Actions Servicemenu?

To get started with the Root Actions Servicemenu project, begin by downloading the latest release of the software from its homepage or by clicking the download link above. You will download a TAR archive in the tar.gz format, which you must save on your Home directory.

With your favorite archive manager utility, extract the contents of the archive. Then, open the Terminal app and use the ‘cd’ command to move to the location where you’ve extracted the archive file (e.g. cd /home/softpedia/rootactions_servicemenu_2.8.2).

Install Root Actions Servicemenu by running the ‘sh’ command. After installation, restart your current session for the actions to appear in the right-click context menu. Uninstall it with the ‘sh’ command.

Designed for KDE

Once again, we remind everyone that the Root Actions Servicemen project has been designed especially for the KDE desktop environment. It supports the 3.x and 4.x branches of KDE. It doesn’t work with KDE Plasma, nor with any other open source desktop environment or window manager.

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