MAYANNA 0.2.8 / 0.2.9 Pre

MAYANNA is a unique desktop organizer for GNOME.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Seif Lotfy
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
MAYANNA is a unique desktop organizer applet for the GNOME desktop environment. It's designed to allow easy interaction with all the applications, contacts, documents and other things you use every day. MAYANNA can be run either as a stand-alone application or added as a GNOME Panel applet.

MAYANNA uses an innovative tabs-based approach to categorize everything on your computer. Not just the applications you have installed. You can quickly find friends, documents, computers on the network, notes, music, and just about everything else in a few clicks.

Here are some key features of "MAYANNA":

· Integrated display of:

· Applications from the system menu
· Recently used documents, applications, printers, network shares, etc
· People you've recently chatted with
· People currently logged in for IM
· Your Pidgin buddy list's group organization
· All devices, printers, mapped network shares, and system settings
· Show open conversations, opened documents, and running applications (both new and legacy) in the MAYANNA Bar
· Bookmark apps, documents, and people in the MAYANNA Bar for quick access
· Allow log out, shutdown, or switching tanother user

· Shows the current time, a desktop switcher, and a trashcan
· Search for items with instantly displayed results
· Zoom in and out on recently used items, from today, tthis month and beyond
· Read Only access (later write access) on Flickr, GoogleDocs, Picasa, Youtube and Google Contacts
· Evolution Contacts


· GTK+ version 2.10.x
· PyGnome
· libgnomecups
· python-gdata >= 1.0.11

What's New in 0.2.9 Pre Development Release:

· A preview of what is to come.
· Its more stable than 0.2.8.
· The dock has been removed.
· Facebook support
· Flickr uploading support

Last updated on May 25th, 2008

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