KPowersave 0.6.2 / 0.7.3

KPowersave is a KDE frontend to powersave.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.2/5 23
Danny Kukawka
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
KPowersave provides battery monitoring and suspend/ standby triggers for KDE.

It is based on the powersave package and therefore supports APM and ACPI.

What's New in 0.6.2 Stable Release:

This release depends on powersave >= 0.12.18.
It fixes autosuspend and inactivity detection (workarounds for broken X libraries), fixes the DCOP function for autosuspend, fixes detection/handling if DBUS/HAL/powersaved are not running, fixes the config dialog to respect DPMS timeout rules, checks the applet menu before trigger autosuspend, fixes distribution detection in configure, and changes the default bug reporting links for dists.
It adds missing DCOP functions, allows changing brightness with the mouse wheel over the applet icon, and updates the autosuspend blacklist and translations.

What's New in 0.7.3 Development Release:

This release includes autodim, brightness key handling, showing the suspend log in case of an error, a warning dialog with countdown before autosuspend, and active desktop session handling via ConsoleKit/PolicyKit (including letting powersave handle PM if a session becomes inactive).
This release uses KDebug for logging and debugging.
It includes many other (smaller) improvements and bugfixes, including translation updates.

Last updated on October 27th, 2007

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