InfoBox 0.9

InfoBox is a notification tool based on specifications from
InfoBox is a notification tool based on specifications from It waits for DBUS messages, and if they're correct it displays it.

It was inspired by FVWM-Crystal's InformationBox, but since it was so limited I decided to write InfoBox. It's meant for FVWM-Crystal but should work on everything else.


InfoBox looks for config file at ~/.infobox/infoboxd.cfg, and if it won't find it it uses the default config.
But you are also able to setup InfoBox at runtime, using an InfoBox client more in "4. Usage". The configuration file is described in infoboxd.cfg.example.


When you left-click on the window, it will be above all other windows, middle-click closes it, and right-click sends it below.

If a program use this standard InfoBox will display its messages, but if not you could use InfoBox client instead (for example with Song Change plugin for XMMS):
infobox [-a app_name] [-i app_icon] [-s summary] [-m msg] [-g image] [-c config]
-a name of the application sending the message
-i path to application's icon, or name of themed icon
-s short message
-m long message
-g image/animation that will be showed at left (path or name of themed icon)
-c config is in the same format that the config file, see "5. Examples"

last updated on:
September 21st, 2005, 18:29 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Paweł Drygas
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
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