Improved offline web browsing 3.5.9-r4

Improved offline web browsing package contains many fixes for offline browsing for Konqueror.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
3.1/5 17
Matthias Grimrath
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
Improved offline web browsing package contains:

improved / bug-fixed offline browsing for Konqueror and other application that use kde http io slaves.
Improved / bug-fixed web browsing for low-bandwidth connections.
Improved / bug-fixed detection of cross-domain requests
Referer-Urls are not send cross-domain (configurable)

Requires sources for kdelibs, kdebase and kdeaddons. If you use German localization, you will probably want sources for kde-i18n-de, too.

Webpages with enabled javascript may not work 100% when browsing offline completely.


None that are not present in the original http slave.
Webpages with javascript enabled may not work with offline browsing.


sources for kdelibs, kdebase and kdeaddons version 3.5.5. If you use German localization, you will probably want sources for kde-i18n-de, too.

Note: If you use KDE packages from your distribution it could happen that this patches won't work. This is because many distributions make their own changes to KDE which could introduce subtle incompatibilities. In case of doubt compile and install KDE from unmodified sources completely. If the problems persists mail a bug report.


Note you can add the --dry-run option to the patch command to check if the patches apply cleanly to your source tree.

Note The kdeaddons and kde-i18n-de patches are not required, but allow you to select all four and not only three http cache strategies by the GUI. Tooltips are included.

apply httpslave-kdelibs-$KDEVERSION.diff to the kdelibs sources, for example:

cd kdelibs-3.5.5
patch --backup -p1 -l < httpslave-r2-kdelibs-3.5.5.diff

recompile and install kdelibs. If you are lazy, type, for example:

cd kdelibs-3.5.5
make && make install

If you have already compiled kdelibs and like it faster, type

cd kdelibs-3.5.5
for i in kio khtml kparts kioslave; do
$(cd $i; make && make install-exec)

This assumes make install-exec installs to the correct place.

Do similiar steps for httpslave-r2-kdebase-$KDEVERSION, httpslave-r2-kde-i18n-de-$KDEVERSION, httpslave-r2-kdeaddons-$KDEVERSION.


Restart KDE, visit your favourite website with Konqueror, go offline and switch on offline browsing. Visit your favourite website again. I hope you enjoy the improved offline browsing.

For small bandwidth connections (like 56K modems) reducing the number of parallel http requests may give you better browsing performace. Edit $KDEDIR/share/services/http.protocol and add/change maxInstances=1. As usual, YMMV

Last updated on February 26th, 2008

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