Image Mount (cue, iso, mds, ccd, nrg)

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Easily mount cue, iso, mds, ccd, nrg images from Nautilus






Image Mount is a Nautilus script for those that want to use CDEMU without the gnome-panel applet or some other GUI.

Developer comments

I personally made it because I don't use gnome-panel so i can't use the applet provided, and I also am not too tempted by the GUIs available through the net.

So basicaly, as you can see in the screenshot attached, from Nautilus:
Just right-click the disc image, click Mount Disc, and after a second a window with the mounted image content pops up.

I just tested this with Ubuntu Lucid so I'll make the 'tutorial' for Lucid too:
You'll need to install gcdemu and cdemu-client from the cdemu ppa:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cdemu/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gcdemu cdemu-client

You'll also have to install Nautilus Actions Configuration Tool. I used version 2.30.2 when I did the export.

sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

Got to copy the script from the attached archive to /usr/bin and give it exec permissions:

sudo cp /path/to/script/disc-mount /usr/bin/disc-mount
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/disc-mount

And the last thing is to import the config into Nautilus Actions. After that you should consider a reboot of the machine so that the cdemu daemon gets up and running and then everything should be allright.
Last updated on August 6th, 2010
Image Mount (cue, iso, mds, ccd, nrg) - screenshot #1

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