ICOnvert service menu 1.01

ICOnvert service menu is a service menu to convert Windows icon files (*.ico).
ICOnvert service menu is a script/service menu package that adds four entries to Konqueror's context menu to convert Windows icon files (*.ico):

1) Extract PNGs

Extracts PNGs as SomeDir/SomeIcon-WxH.png e.g. BlueMoon/BlueMoon-16x16.png, BlueMoon/BlueMoon-32x32.png, etc.

2) Extract PNGs grouped by size

Extracts PNGs as SomeDir/WxH/SomeIcon.png e.g. MoonIcons/16x16/BlueMoon.png, MoonIcons/32x32/BlueMoon.png, etc.

3) Preview in Konqueror

Extracts PNGs to a temporary directory under /tmp, launches a Konqueror window, and deletes the temporary files when that window is closed.

4) Import into current theme

Asks for icon category (apps, devices, etc.) and name, then extracts PNGs into $HOME/.kde/share/icons/[theme]/WxH/[category]/SomeIcon.png where [theme] is taken from $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals.

Note that this will overwrite files if you specify the name of an existing icon. This is a "feature" -- it allows you to replace a certain icon globally. Use with caution, though -- I suggest that you backup your original iconset.

You can convert multiple icons at the same time from within Konqueror or the command line.


bash and some core utilities
ImageMagick, especially its "convert" program

What's New in This Release:

Use Konqueror instead of Kuickshow

last updated on:
March 16th, 2007, 20:12 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Alex Ibrado
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
ICOnvert service menu
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