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GSDock is a dock written using the GNUstep (OpenStep) API.




GSDock is a dock written using the GNUstep (OpenStep) API. It is a hybrid of the traditional NeXTstep Dock and the newer OS X Dock.

About GNUstep:

GNUstep is a free software implementation of NeXT's OpenStep Objective-C libraries (called frameworks), widget toolkit, and application development tools not only for Unix-like operating systems, but also for Microsoft Windows. It is part of the GNU Project.

GNUstep features a cross-platform, object-oriented development environment based on and completely compatible with the OpenStep specification developed by NeXT (which has since been bought by Apple Inc.) and Sun Microsystems. Like Apple, GNUstep also has a Java interface to OpenStep, as well as Ruby and Scheme bindings. The GNUstep developers track some additions to Apple's Cocoa to remain compatible. The roots of the GNUstep application interface are the same as the roots of Cocoa: NeXT and OpenStep. GNUstep predates Cocoa.
Last updated on May 19th, 2008

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