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GNOME Do is an open source, fast, powerful, and good looking graphical software written in C# and designed especially for the popular GNOME desktop environment as an application launcher for their Linux desktop.

Inspired by Mac OS’ Quicksilver app

Inspired by the Quicksilver application for the Mac OS X operating system, GNOME Do allows users to perform commonly used actions on searched items, such as open, run, email, play, chat, etc.).

GNOME Do (gnome-do) also lets you to easily and quickly search for anything, including installed applications, music albums and artists, as well as any other files that are stored in your GNOME desktop environment.

We should also mention that the software is capable of searching through your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks, Epiphany bookmarks, Evolution contacts, as well as Pidgin buddies. It presents users with a modern and attractive interface that is both easy to use and simple.

Designed for GNOME

By design, GNOME Do has been tailored specifically for the GNOME desktop environment, the classic (now known as Fallback) version of it. While it is still usable in the old (2.x) versions of GNOME, it is no longer compatible with recent (version 3.x or higher) of the highly acclaimed graphical desktop environment.

In addition to GNOME, the project should also work with its derivatives, such as Cinnamon and MATE, as well as with other open source desktop environments like Xfce, LXDE (LXQt) or even the Openbox and Fluxbox window manager.
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Last updated on November 20th, 2014

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This project provides a powerful, fast and eye-candy app launcher for your GNOME desktop


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