Frugal Windowing Environment 0.2.5

Frugal Windowing Environment, or FWE, is my basic windowing system for framebuffers.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.9/5 18
Zack Smith
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
Frugal Windowing Environment, or FWE, is my basic windowing system for framebuffers. It currently works under Linux only and is in an alpha stage of development. The project is the logical next step from my previous system, FrameBufferUI (fbui), which is a small, in-kernel graphical user interface for Linux.

Here are some key features of "Frugal Windowing Environment":

Small size (the current alpha version is 20 kB).
Minimal resource requirements.
Software simplicity
Client-server architecture, with clients potentially located on remote computers (disabled at present)
Graphics on each console with one server each.
Basic drawing commands needed for frugal applications.

Software bloat keeps us all on the treadmill of always buying new hardware, which ultimately new software makes painfully slow, thus we are always falling behind. But the software makes the system slow because it is poorly designed and poorly implemented and rushed work, with the frequent consequence that it is bloated. Thus the purchasing-treadmill is economically and materially wasteful. It profits the few while making the many suffer unnecessarily.
Bloat is also bad for the Environment (which we live in and rely upon) since the manufacture of computer equipment involves the use of numerous very nasty chemicals which inevitably end up in the soil, water and air. Similarly the disposal of electronics results in chemicals leaching out of circuit boards, LCDs (which contain mercury) et cetera, which then enter the biosphere. We cannot afford to pretend this problem doesn't exist and we cannot afford to leave it to self-serving politicians to solve. It is better to solve the problem at the source: buy less hardware. (Article)
Liberation from bloat is liberation from rushed work, poorly managed projects, and bad engineering. It is liberation from those project managers and programmers who, rather than produce better, leaner, less buggy software, pass on the consequences of their bad choice to users who must pay to upgrade their hardware to accommodate the bloat. And as that software gets bigger and bulk is piled upon bulk, increasing numbers of bugs and vulnerabilities arise which require, you guessed it, more upgrades.

What's New in This Release:

Some Xlib compatibility was added.

Last updated on February 25th, 2008

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