FOX Calculator 2.1.0

FOX Calculator is a desktop calculator written in FOX.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Jeroen van der Zijp
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FOX CalculatorFOX CalculatorFOX Calculator
FOX Calculator is a desktop calculator written in FOX.

The FOX Calculator is a simple desktop calculator geared toward the programmer.

It supports not only a full complement scientific functions, but also common operations that programmers need, such as bitwise operations, bitwise shifting, and base-2 logarithm and exponents, and numeric conversion between hexadecimal, octal, binary, and decimal.

It implements correct operator precedences, and features a constant memory which permanently stores its value even if you exit the calculator and restart it later.

Here are some key features of "FOX Calculator":

· + Addition
· - Substraction
· * Multiplication
· / Floating point division
· AND Bit-wise logical and
· OR Bit-wise logical or
· XOR Bit-wise logical exclusive or
· NOT Bit-wise logical not
· SHL Bit-wise shift left
· SHR Bit-wise shift right
· SAR Bit-wise signed shift right (hit the "inv" button first)
· mod Integer modulo
· div Integer division (hit the "inv" button first
· sin Sine
· cos Cosine
· tan Tangent
· asin Inverse sine or arc sine (hit the "inv" button first)
· acos Inverse cosine
· atan Inverse tangent
· sinh Hyperbolic sine (hit the "hyp" button first)
· cosh Hyperbolic cosine
· tanh Hyperbolic tangent
· asinh Inverse hyperbolic sine (hit the "hyp" and "inv"buttons first)
· acosh Inverse hyperbolic cosine
· atanh Inverse hyperbolic tangent
· log Base 10 logarithm
· ln Natural logarithm
· 2log Base 2 logarithm
· x! Factorial
· nPr Permutations
· nCr Combinations
· sqrt Square root
· x^y X raised to the power y
· 1/x Reciprocal
· 10^x Base 10 exponentiation (hit the "inv" button first)
· e^x Exponentiation
· 2^x Base 2 exponentiation
· x^1/y X raised to the power 1/y
· x^2 X squared

Last updated on September 27th, 2006

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