Edit with gvim - with GVIM serverlist

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Edit with gvim - with GVIM serverlist is a 'Edit with gvim' context menu in Konqueror.




Edit with gvim - with GVIM serverlist is a "Edit with gvim" context menu in Konqueror. Has support for gvim's serverlist. This lets you open a file into any already running gvim instance.

This is something I saw in Windows Explorer when I was using gvim there. After using it I couldn't believe I actually got around without it. Really good stuff. Since Konqueror is so incredibly-fantastic I was SURE it could do it as well. And it does!

How it works:

You run the ruby script which daemonizes itself. The daemon checks how many gvim instances there are running. It writes the serverlist info to a temporary file in /tmp in the format of a regular service menu. When done, it copies that to ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/gvim_servers.desktop

Then removes the temporary file and sleeps for 10 seconds. When it wakes up the cycle repeats, etc, etc.


1. needs the RUBY interpreter
2. runs as a daemon
3. 10 second delay between updates (you can change this)


Text based setup: run as root ./setup.py
GUI bases setup: run as root ./gui-setup.py

See ./setup.py --help for more options
Last updated on March 7th, 2007
Edit with gvim - with GVIM serverlistEdit with gvim - with GVIM serverlist

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