Desktop Multiplier (2-user)2.0.2-4

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Desktop Multiplier is a software add-on that allows your dual-head Linux PC support two independent users.





Desktop Multiplier project is a software add-on that allows your dual-head Linux PC support two independent users.

Desktop Multiplier is a set of standard Linux packages that extends the X Window System to support up to 10 fully independent and concurrent workstations and users on a single computer box.

This is accomplished by adding video cards, USB keyboards and mice to a single standard computer. Desktop Multiplier is compatible with all single and dual-headed video cards supported by X.Org/XFree86 and has been tested on most major 2.6 kernel Linux distributions (see /supported systems/
for details).

Desktop Multiplier is delivered as a single zip file containing either a .RPM or .DEB package and supports a variety of Linux distributions.

Utilities package:

This package includes programs, scripts and config files for system configuration, keyboard/mouse assignment and device hot-plug capabilities. Files are named:

- 1box-utils-k26-< version >.i386.rpm (For RPM package-based systems)

- 1box-utils-k26-< version >.i386.deb (For DEB package-based systems)

Multi-station X server package:

This package contains the Userful Multi-Station X-Server, which supports multiple simultaneous local users. Files are named:

- 1box-server-xorg-< version >.i386.rpm (For RPM package based systems)

- 1box-server-xorg-< version >.i386.deb (For DEB package based systems)

DualView functionality:

Desktop Multiplier's DualView functionality enables each station to support up to five users each of whom has an individual desktop that spans two monitors. You can configure monitors to use DualView during the Desktop Multiplier installation process. Note that the two monitors that display a DualView desktop must be connected to the same video card.
Last updated on December 29th, 2005
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