CursorXP to X11 Mouse Theme Converter 2.5

A modified version of found Online

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What's new in CursorXP to X11 Mouse Theme Converter 2.5:

  • Added compatibility with KDE4, with the addition of a more complex structure.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
5.0/5 2
Marco Talamelli
ROOT \ Desktop Environment \ Tools
CursorXP to X11 Mouse Theme Converter is a modified version of found online.

Using it:
* Method 1 (original)
* Extract the tar.gz file to some directory in your PATH (like /usr/bin)
* Extract a *.CurXPTheme (Rename to *.zip if necessary)
* Change to the directory of the extracted theme, where a Scheme.ini file is
* Run: --help (for help, duh)
* Run: --name theme_name --install
* A tar.gz file will be created inside that directory containing the X11 theme
* It will install to your ~/.icons folder if you use --install option.
* Send to grandma. She will love it!

* Method 2 (fancy and new)
* Run: --install /path/to/theme.CurXPTheme
* A tar.gz file will be created inside the current directory containing the X11 theme
* You can still send to grandma if so desired.

* Method 3 (nautilus script)
copy to /home/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/
click rmb on *.CurXPThene and Choose script > and convert!
Important: The name of the file *. CurXPTheme (or the path of the file type folders) should not have spaces

Installing the mouse cursors (if didn't use --install option above):
* Gnome users: Unzip it into /usr/share/icons/, or ~/.icons/ . Then use gnome-appearance-properties to change cursor
* KDE Users: Use "Control Center / Peripherals / Mouse / Cursor Theme" to install the tar.gz file, then re-login

Developer comments

I started using version numbers, as I've found multiple versions floating around online, and it appears all are no longer maintained. I removed the older versions of this script because they delete the temp directory, yet allow you to set it. This sets up bad situations.

Last updated on November 12th, 2009

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