Crikey 0.8.3

A program to generate key events under X11
Crikey Map Strings to Keys is a program to generate key events under X11 on a Linux/Unix system, in order to provide a "QuickKeys"-like way to bind strings to a function key or other window manager event.


crikey [-t] [-s sleeptime] args

Acts as if args was typed in whatever X window currently has focus.
-s sleeptime: sleep for sleeptime seconds before inserting the text. Many window managers need a delay for focus shifting or to allow the modifier button to be released. (New in 0.4: you can omit the space, e.g. -ssleeptime.)
-i (interactive) Read from standard input, instead of using the commandline arguments. This is useful if you need to generate more than one line at a time.
-t Use the XTest extension instead of normal X events (if available). In 0.3 and earlier, this was the default; but in some newer versions of XFree86 (for example, current Debian unstable), using XTest will cause the final key to repeat infinitely.
-d Debug: print debugging output.

If there are multiple arguments, single spaces will be inserted between them.

last updated on:
August 20th, 2009, 21:31 GMT
developed by:
Akkana Peck
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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