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Cbar project is a Konqueror sidebar.




Cbar project is a Konqueror sidebar with the following goals:

Provide contextual information when browsing directories, similar to Metabar and Windows sidebar.
Easy to extend by providing extensions in the form of scripts.
Cross-platform (thanks to using scripts, which are platform-independent).

Cbar wouldn't be created without many other people. Thanks go to:

KDE team - for creating such a great and extensible system as KDE.
Phil Thompson - for creating Python bindings for Qt (pyQt) and KDE (pyKDE).
Sebastian Sauer - for creating Kross scripting engine for KDE.
Florian Roth - for creating Metabar.
OU - for everything.

Here are some key features of "Cbar":

Pluggable scripts for selected items, selected folder, theme and script loading.
Konqueror sidebar module.
Preloading plugin for fast loading.
Basic scripts showing capabilities of Cbar:
Image preview
Other places
File details
Eject media
Generic Cbar library with scripting capabilities, which can be embedded in other modules.


KDE headers - on Ubuntu it is package "kdelibs4-dev" and "kdebase-dev".
Python - on Ubuntu it is package "python2.4".
pyQt and pyKDE (Python bindings for Qt and KDE). On Ubuntu it is package "python-qt3" and "python-kde3", respectively.
autoconf 2.5 and automake>1.6 - on Ubuntu it is package "autoconf" and "automake1.9", respectively. You have to switch automake to 1.9 by running "sudo update-alternatives --config automake" on Ubuntu.


Compile according to these instructions.
Open Konqueror in "filemanagement" profile (for example using "Home" icon on taskbar).
Right click on sidebar icon bar, in context menu choose Configure Navigation Panel->Add New->Cbar.
Switch to Cbar in sidebar.
Go to Konqueror settings dialog (Settings->Configure Konqueror...).
Choose "Performance" tab (at the bottom).
Make sure "Minimize memory usage" is set to "For file browsing only (recommended)".
Make sure in "Preloading" section "Maximum number instances kept preloaded" is set to at least 1.
Make sure in "Preloading" section "Preload an instance after KDE startup" is checked.
For best experience, set icon activation to "Double click" in KDE Control Center. Otherwise you cannot click on icon to see its description or options, you have to select it with Ctrl key.


If you experience long loading time of Konqueror, make sure you are using "file management" profile (see in Konqueror menu Settings->Save view profile XXX, XXX is the name of profile. If you have right profile, check if preloading is set up properly as described in "Installation" step above.

What's New in This Release:

Added new widget - file management actions.
Implemented new script manager, which supports choosing theme manager, choosing script loader and installing new scripts from .tgz archive.
Python is initialized only if it has not been initialized previously.
Removed unnecessary -L/usr/lib from compilation. Compilation on x86_64 should work fine now.
Last updated on October 12th, 2006

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