Aurora Gtk Engine1.5.1

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Contains all common Gtk widgets to provide an attractive, complete and consistent look for Gtk apps.






Aurora Gtk Engine themes contains all common Gtk widgets to provide an attractive, complete and consistent look for Gtk applications.

Engine options

· menubarstyle = 1 # 0 = flat, 1 = gradient
· curvature = 5 #default widget curvature
· arrowsize = 1 # controls combo_arrow circle size. Diameter set by (11 + 2 * arrowsize)
· old_arrowstyle = FALSE #set to TRUE for original circled arrows (same as arrows in sorted tree columns)
· animation = TRUE # FALSE = disabled, TRUE = enabled (also needs to be compiled with animation support to work)

Included themes use configurable colours and can be adjusted in Theme preferences under GNOME.

Thanks to all of you who have provided feedback so far, it has helped catch many things that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. And as always feedback is appreciated.

Known Issues:

· Ugly widgets in: OpenOffice, Java applications
∘ Unfortunately I can't really do anything here to make them look better. I can only hope that their emulation of Gtk themes will improve over time.


· Gtk 2.10+ is required for this engine.
· Includes both the GtkRc themes, and the theme engine.

To install the theme engine extract it to somewhere convenient and in that directory, run: "./configure --prefix=/usr" then "make"

For animation support add "-enable-animation" when running "./configure"

Then as a root user "make install".

Then install the gtkrc themes by extracting them to your ~/.themes directory (3 themes in total).

To change your current theme to Aurora (under GNOME) open up Theme Preferences (usually somewhere under System > Preferences) click the Customize button and under the controls tab select the theme you want.

Finally thanks to everyone along the line who have worked on the clearlooks and clearlooks based engines as without their work this engine would not exist.
Last updated on January 4th, 2009
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