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Audio, video, image, text converter for the GNOME desktop







Audio/Video/Image/Text Convert is a Nautilus script that can be used to convert audio, video, image and text files. If you are missing any packages or plug-ins that it relies on, it will try to help.

Just save the file to somewhere in $PATH (and chmod 755). Optionally, link or copy it to $HOME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts. From a command line, "avconvert [[path/]filename]". Within nautilus, just right-click the source file.

AUDIO: Convert to a different format, and optionally adjust the bitrate.

VIDEO: Convert to a different format, or write to an audio-only format.

IMAGES: Convert to a different format, and optionally change the resolution (and for jpg files, the quality setting). Multiple formats and resolutions can be specified in a single execution.

TEXT: Text?? This is a text-file to image-file conversion. Choose your colors, border, and font (in addition to file-type, resolution, and jpg compression). No pre-processing is done - it really wants a *.txt file. NOTE that the largest image size is currently 1280, so a long text line in a large point size simply won't fit. Experiment.

The source file is not overwritten. The destination is given a name based on the source, with an appropriate extension. For image resolution change, the new resolution is inserted into the filename (if a conversion is done where extension and resolution are both unchanged, then "new" is inserted into the name). There are warnings for an impending overwrite (like performing the same conversion twice), and an opportunity to specify the output name manually.

The source file is identified using the "file" command (as well as some hard-coded extensions). If this fails, the user is prompted for whether the source is image, audio or video.

The destination can be chosen from a list of appropriate file extensions, or the user can choose OTHER and key in any valid file extension for the media type.

During processing, a progress bar shows an estimate to completion.

After processing, the last part of the output from convert/ffmpeg is displayed to confirm proper operation or to help diagnose any problems.
Last updated on March 6th, 2012
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